Staunton Neighborhoods: a Town Within a Town

Integrated throughout the city of Staunton are multiple community neighborhoods with distinct patterns and textures. Each geographic neighborhood is uniquely defined by its history as well as tapestry of streets and buildings. We will use a framework of preservation, sustainability, and reuse to explore the interconnected roadways, homes, churches, cemeteries, schools, commercial establishments, and civic buildings of our historic city.

This season’s Preservation Brown Bag Series focuses on Staunton’s neighborhoods: where are they, what anchors them, and how we support their presence into the future.  April’s Brown Bag featured landscape architect Amy R. Arnold’s presentation “Staunton Neighborhoods: a Town within a Town”.  The talk included an overview of formerly independent communities absorbed into the city limits at particular points in Staunton’s history: a town within a town.  Two communities introduced during this session were Plunkettville to the west of central Staunton and the post-Civil War historic African American Community of Uniontown to the east.

Watch for updates on upcoming Brown Bag events highlighting Staunton neighborhoods!

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