West End: Hays Avenue

October 2018 Preservation Brown Bag Walk

October 12 @ Noon

Tour meets at the corner of West Beverley and Hays Avenue.

HSF’s Education Committee invites you to join us for a walk along Hays Avenue in Staunton’s West End for the October Brown Bag.  We will continue our exploration of city neighborhoods and the notion of Conservation Districts to encourage sensitive rehabilitation and street improvements in this affordable region of the city.

Today, Hays Avenue is best known as a traffic connector between the Bridge Street entry and West Beverley Street business area.  Located on the edge of town, Montgomery Heights included a little over two dozen houses in 1929.  The traditional neighborhood anchors are Montgomery Hall Park, the old J. L. Witz Furniture buildings, Marquis Memorial Methodist Church, and a distinct collection of 20th Century eclectic revival and vernacular residences.  Connecting streets indicate the period popularity of automobiles with the names of Buick, Packard, Austin, and Paige.

Our goal will be to look at the period architecture and streetscape while we continue our discussion of revitalization including historic preservation, walkability, and neighborhood conservation.

Free and open to the public.


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