West End: Bridge Street Entry


September 2018 Preservation Brown Bag Walk

September 7 @ Noon

Tour meets at the corner of Maple Street and Bridge Street.

HSF’s Education Committee invites you to take a walk viewing the connections of Callahan’s Alley, Stuart Street, Green Street, and Bridge Street in Staunton’s West End.  Here we find cottages dating to the late 1860’s, the railroad, abandoned buildings, and small-scale industrial buildings.  Our goal will be to look at the bones and discuss approaches to revitalization including historic preservation, adaptive reuse, and neighborhood conservation.  Can we apply the healthy neighborhood attributes discussed at previous tours to this convergence of architecture in need?

The walk will proceed along Bridge Street to the busy intersection of Green and Stuart.  Please watch traffic. If you are driving, the best place to park will be along Maple Street.

Free and open to the public.

Bridge Street Entry Neighborhood

(HSF photo gallery)

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