North Madison Street

June 2018 Preservation Brown Bag Walk

June 15 @ Noon

Tour meets on corner of Baldwin and N. Madison Streets

HSF’s Brownbag series continues with a walk exploring North Madison Street.  Traditional neighborhoods such as North Madison include elements of the built and natural environment that attract and inspire people.  We will discuss topics including the streetscape, architecture, yard space, walkability, transportation, and sustainability.

Homeowners along North Madison have developed a tightly knit dynamic neighborhood that includes great architecture, contemporary use of yard space, and examples of sustainable practices. We will walk up North Madison from Baldwin and end at Reservoir Hill Park.

Residents of the neighborhood are encouraged to share their experiences, examples of home rehabilitation projects, gardens, future projects, and desires for the future of the neighborhood.

Free and open to the public.

North Madison Street Gallery

(HSF Photo Gallery)

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