May Preservation Brown Bag

Friday, May 3rd @ Noon

Tour meets at the Bryan Garage in the alley behind 115 Church Street


Theme for 2019

The National Weather Service announced we are in a season for heightened flooding and our soil is wet.

Spring Outlook: Historic, widespread flooding to continue through May

Drough Severity Index

Staunton drains water; water flows from above, along and under the terrain.  Preserving older buildings and the elements of the neighborhood landscape requires retrofitting for resilience to water damage.  While creating good drainage for our roofs and yards, let’s explore the concept of adapting historic landscape features to mitigate water flow.  Can each yard and neighborhood act as filters to protect the next property down the hill while helping the creeks flowing through Staunton?

Join us on April 26, at 12:00 noon, for a Brown Bag Discussion about roofs, gutters, downspouts, and yard drainage. Our host will be the Roebuck family at 115 Church Street.  Currently under rehabilitation, the house and yard provide an excellent case study for our theme.

Originally constructed between 1870 and 1877 this two story wood frame house includes a hip, standing seam metal roof and bracketed cornice. Remodeled between 1914 and 1921, Bungalow style elements were created including stucco covered porch balustrade and piers. In addition, a unique auto garage was added along the alley. The garage features stucco over tile block with paneled wood and glass sliding doors.

When the Roebucks purchased the house, it was covered with vinyl siding, including soffit and eave wrap, obscuring architectural detail and historic materials. They courageously removed the vinyl to restore the historic architectural details.  The process revealed moisture damage to siding, wood structural beams, and hidden stucco on a rear porch.

While repairing damaged house parts is necessary, those repairs only fix symptoms of the problem.  The question is how to cure the root problem?  The cure is to control water.  But how?

An online learning tools:

 All Wet and How to Prevent it

Architectural Details_ Gutters and Downspouts – Intro

All About Rain Gutters FB

Architecture Design Handbook_ Architectural Details_ Flashings and Copings – Stepped and Chimney Flashings

Architecture Design Handbook_ Flashings and Copings – Counterflashing

Berger half-roundschematic



City Code Drainage into gutters and streets

Fixing Common Gutter Blunders


How To Hang Half Round Gutters FB

HSF Guide – Best Practices for Rainwater Mitigation

Upcoming 2019 Brownbag Discussions

April:  Gutters, Downspouts, Drains, Size, Placement, Design – Predicament on Church Street

May:  Gum Spring and Lewis Creek – Staunton’s historic infrastructure

June:  Potential Alley Reuse – Rain Gardens, Bioswales, Green Streets

July:  West End – Redevelopment Potential and Flood Survey Results


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